Roll of Honour

They Also Served

World War One had far reaching impacts in every community. Huge numbers of men left small communities. Over two hundred left Felsted.

Names  P - Z of Felsted Residents who also served in World War 1

Henry William Pachent served as Private Soldier 34541 with the Bedfordshire Regiment, then transferred as Private Soldier 42287 with the Norfolk Regiment.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Bartholomew Green.

He married Minnie Watkinson in June 1915. They had four children:
Kenneth G. Pachent, born 1917
Olive L. Pachent, born 1921
Robert H. Pachent, born 1923
Reginald J. Pachent, born 1925

W. Packer Appears on the Felsted Honour Roll of 1914
Frank Peagram The 1911 census records the Peagram family as living at the Gore, Rayne:
Frank Peagram, age 35, occupation: Bricklayer, born: Panfield, Essex.
Alice Peagram, age 33, born: Brentwood Essex.
Edgar Frank Peagram, age 4, born Felstead.
Bertie William Peagram, age 3, born Felstead.
Annie Mabel Peagram,, age 1, born Felstead.

Frank Peagram served as Private Soldier 2748 with the Essex Regiment, later transferring to the Labour Corps as Private Soldier 17402.

The 1914 electoral register records Frank Peagram living at New Gore, Rayne
Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Rayne Gore.

Edgar Allison Peers

E.A. Peers - December 1918

Edgar Allison Peers was born at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire in 1891.

The London Gazette of 13 October 1914 reported Edgar Allison Peers to be Second Lieutenant for Service with the Felsted School Contingent, Junior Division, Officers Training Corps. Dated 25th September, 1914.

The photograph was taken in December 1918 and is provided courtesy of Felsted School.

Edgar Allison Peers left the School in 1919 and died in 1952.

William Edgar Perryman Born in Felstead in 1896, the son of Ellen Perryman.

The 1911 census shows the Perryman family resident at the Village Felsted.
Eliza Perryman, age 75 (widow), occupation: Laundress, born Manuden, Essex.
Ellen Perryman, age 34, occupation: Help at home, Debenham, Suffolk.
William Edgar Perryman, age 15, occupation: Errand Boy at Cycle Shop, born: Felsted.
George Edgar Perryman, age 5, born: Fulham, London.
Ernest John Perryman, age 2, born: Fulham, London.

Appears on the Felsted Honour Roll of 1914 as Perryman W.

The national archive medal card index has three records for different William E. Perrymans
One was Private Soldier 12404 with the 9th Battalion, the Essex Regiment who went to France on 31st May 1915, and was wounded in October 1915. He later went on to serve as Gunner 225398 with the Royal Field Artillery.
The second is Gunner 58504 with the Royal Field Artillery.
The third is Private 94174 with the Royal Army Medical Corps.

J. Pickering Appears on the Felsted Honour Roll of 1914
James Pilgrim Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Willows Green.
Leonard Polley Appears on the Felsted Honour Roll of 1914 as L. Polly

Leonard Polley was born at Hardy's Green, Birch, a village south-west of Colchester, circa 1893.

In 1901 the family were listed as:
Alfred Polley, age 38, occupation: Horseman on Farm. Born: Copford
Charlotte Polley, age 36. Born: Sandon
Leonard Polley, age 8. Born: Birch
Charlotte Polley, age 4. Born: Birch

In 1911 Leonard Polley is living with the Collingridge family at Rosslyn House, Felstead:
Ernest Edward Collingridge, age 31, occupation: Master Market Gardener, born London.
Nellie Collingridge, age 28, born Forest Gate, Essex.
Leonard Polley, (boarder) age 18, occ: Chauffeur, born: Birch, Essex.
Hubert Richard Brice, (nephew) age 4, born: Chadwell Heath, Essex.

Terence Doherty in his letters home writes twice about meeting felstedian named only as "Polly":
24th September 1916: "Polly is a Sergeant with this lot". Terence Doherty had just joined the 11th Battalion, the Essex Regiment.
11th October 1916: "I had a long chat with Polly the other day. He has grown a big black moustache so I did not recognise him."

The National Archives medal card index records one Leonard Polley as being Corporal 14117 and acting WO class 2 by the end of the war with the 11th Battalion, the Essex Regiment.


The Essex Regiment Museum records show he enlisted as a volunteer in the second week of September, 1914, and went to France with the 11th Battalion, the Essex Regiment on 30th August 1915, thereby qualifying for the 1914-15 Star, as a Corporal. He was also entitled to the British War and Allied Victory Medals as Acting WO2.


He was wounded in January 1916, May 1916 and October 1916.


The Museum collection, includes item ER16613, an embroidered cushion cover made by him as occupational therapy while in hospital at Minley in Surrey in 1917, presumably recovering from his latter wounding when he was hit in the face and abdomen.


He was discharged to the Z Reserve on 6 March 1919 and died c1960.

Florence Catherine Puddicombe Born 1868 in St Aubin Jersey.

In the 1881 Census Florence is living at home with her mother at 112 Rouge Buillon, St Helier, Jersey:
Helen Puddicombe (widow), age 34, occupation: Annuitant, born: England
Florence Puddicombe, age 13, born St Helier, Jersey
Isabelle Dinmead, age 32, occupation: Housemaid, born Jersey.

In 1911 Florence Puddicombe appears on the census list for Felsted School, aged 43, and is listed as School Nurse.

She appears on Felstead Roll of Honour of 1914 simply as Nurse Puddicombe.

During the war she served as Acting Sister: Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service.

Florence Puddicombe was an experienced Military Nurse. She served in both the Boer war and First world War. Her medals were auctioned in 1991 and were listed as:
Royal Red Cross Medal (awarded for gallantry or exceptional service in military nursing.)
Associate Royal Red Cross Medal (GVR)
Queen's South Africa Medal (1899 - 1902)
King's South Africa Medal (1901 - 1902)
1914 Star
British War Medal
Victory Medal.

Florence Catherine Puddicombe died in the Reading registration district, age 76, in December 1943.

There is an excellent biography of Nurse Puddicombe on the School of Nursing Website

The Radley Brothers

The Radley family sent 6 sons to the war. In 1891 the census list the family as living at Mole Hill Green, Felsted:
Jonah Radley, age 41, born Pattiswick
Jane Radley, age 39, born Gt Leighs
William Radley, age 19, born Felsted. Registered as Thomas William Radley
Albert Radley, age 17, born Felsted. Registered as Henry Albert Radley
Jospeh Radley, age 13, born Felsted.
Nellie Radley, age 10, born Felsted.
James Radley, age 9, born Felsted.
Sidney Radley, age 6, born Felsted
Lottie Radley, age 3, born Felsted
Fred Radley, age 1, born Felsted

Another Son Peter was born in 1891 after the census was taken.

William, Joseph, James, Sidney, Fred and Peter all served during the war. Sidney and Joseph were both killed.

Fred Radley

Private Soldier 12275 9th Battalion, the Essex Regiment
Appears on the Felstead Roll of Honour as T.F. Radley.
Appears on 1918 absent voters list as resident of Willows Green.
Was wounded and a patient at Normanby Park Auxilliary Hospital, Scunthorpe from 3rd October 1918 - 22nd November 1918.

Discharged from the army on 22nd February 1919

James Radley

James Radley enlisted with the Essex Regiment on 25th July 1900.

He appears on the 1911 census as Private Soldier 6111 with 'H' Company, of the 1st Battalion, the Essex Regiment in Quetta, India.

James transferred to the 2nd Battalion, Essex Regiment on 10th December 1913.
Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as J. Radley

He was wounded in France during 1915 and discharged from the army because of wounds on 2nd April 1915 receiving Silver War Badge number 18001.

Peter Radley

Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as P. Radley.
Served as Private 12272, B Company, 9th Battalion, Essex Regiment
Reported wounded in the Essex Weekly News of 4th August 1916.

Appears on 1918 absent voters list as resident of Willows Green.
Discharged 12th March 1919.
Thomas 'William' Radley In 1911 Thomas 'William' Radley was living at Bannister Green, Felstead.
Thomas William Radley, age 39, occupation: Foreman on Farm, born Felstead.
Christiana Radley (née Livermore), age 38, born Felstead.
Hugh Weaver, age 17 (boarder), occupation: Hay Binder's Labourer, born Felstead. (see entry below)
Arthur Haslen, age 18 (nephew), occupation: Machine Worker at Iron Works, born Gt. Leighs.
Frank Radley, age 2, born Brixton (listed as boarder)
Grace Bennett, age 1, born Shepherds Bush (listed as boarder)

Served as Private Soldier 12245 with the 9th Battalion, the Essex Regiment.
Appears on the Felstead Roll of Honour as T.W. Radley.
Discharged from the army 25th February 1919.

Herbert Charles Reason Driver 134090, Army Service Corps, Motor Transport Division.

Attestation: 29/10/1915
Address at Attestation: Diamond Villas, Felstead
Age at attestation: 26 years.
Height: 5' 8½"
Chest: 38"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyesight: 6/6 both eyes
Next of Kin: May Beatrice Reason
married May Beatrice Bateman on 10/10/1914 at the Congregational Church, Greenwich.
Children: Geoffrey Charles Reason, born 07/05/1916 at Deptford.
Address after the war: 104 Brockley Road, Brockley.

29/10/1915: Joined ASC at Grove Park.
29/10/1915 - 29/12/1915: Home Service
30/12/1915 - 07/04/1916: BEF (Med)
03/01/1916: Embarked "Shropshire" at Liverpool
19/01/1916: Disembarked Alexandira. Posted to 602 Motor Transport Company attached to 48th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery.
08/04/1916 - 03/07/1919: BEF (France)
08/04/1916: Embarked "S.S. Caledonian" Alexandria
13/04/1916: Disembarked Marsielles.
06/06/1916: Posted to 641 Company, 3rd Corps, Horse Artillery.
20/12/1916: Posted to 281 AF Company, Royal Engineers.
04/07/1919 - 19/07/1920: Home Service

Arthur James Redgwell Arthur James Redgwell was born in Rayne in 1870

In 1911 the census shows the Redgwell family living at New Road, Rayne:
Arthur Redgwell, age 40, occupation: Army Pension, born: Rayne.
Martha Redgwell, age 46, born: Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.
Lily Maud Redgwell, age 15, born: Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland.
Arthur James Redgwell, age 13, born: Warley, Essex.
Jack Redgwell, age 5, born: Aldershot, Hampshire.

An A. Ridgewell appears on Felstead Roll of Honour for 1914 and this may well be the same person as on 1918 absent voters list there is an Arthur James Ridgewell, address: New Road, Rayne. In the same street the absent voters list also includes Arthur James Redgewell also at New Road, Rayne.

The Essex Weekly News –Friday May 20, 1949 included the following article:

And Now Gets A Medal

Thirty-nine years after he left the Army in 1910, Mr Arthur Redgwell, of 32 Coval-lane, Chelmsford, has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.
Altogether it is 60 years since Mr Redgwell left the cottage on Duck End Green, Rayne, where he was born, to join up in Braintree in the Essex Regiment. “There wasn’t much to keep me in Rayne” he told the ‘Essex Weekly News’. “I was only a young fellow. A neighbour of ours came home in a fine smart uniform that rather caught my eye. I promised myself I would have one like it.”
So, first in the County regiment, then on the Gymnastic staff, and later for five years in the first World War, he served his country. By the pictures in his album he was once but a slip of a lad. But 25 years Army games and P.T. built him up, according to the rich parchment of his discharge papers, from 5ft5½ins. to 5ft 10ins.
At 79, Mr Redgwell, still has a feeling for the military life “It is grand” he says “I wish I was 18 again. I’d soon be off.”

The National Archive Medal card index includes an entry for Arthur Redgwell, service number 50753 who is described as Army Gymnastic Staff attached to the Northamptonshire Regiment as Acting Warrant Officer Class 2. Among the medal cards is a second card from 1949 for a Meritorious Service Medal with Annuity to 2536 Company Sergeant Major Arthur Redgwell under Army Order 141 of1949 dated 16 May 1949.

C. Reynolds Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour
D. Reynolds Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour
Richard Stanley Reynolds

In 1901 the family were living at Abraham’s Farm, Felstead.
George Reynolds, age 36. Occupation: Signalman. Born: Felstead.
Angelina Reynolds, age 31. Born: Black Notley.
Robert M. Reynolds, age 10. Born Felstead.
Richard Reynolds, age 9. Born Felstead.
Sydney Reynolds, age 6. Born Felstead.
Mabel Reynolds, age 4. Born Felstead.
Frank Reynolds, age 2. Born Felstead.
Nellie Reynolds, age 6 months. Born Felstead.

In 1911 the Reynolds family were resident at Rayne Gore:
Angelina Reynolds, age 40, born Black Notley. (The census indicates Angelina had been married 24 years, and had nine children, one had died.)
Richard S. Reynolds, age 18, occupation: Farm Labourer, born: Felstead.
Sydney Reynolds, age 15, occupation: Farm Labourer, born: Felstead.
Frank Reynolds, age 12, at school, born: Felstead.
Nellie Reynolds, age 10, at school, born: Felstead.
Lily Reynolds, age 7, at school, born: Felstead.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Rayne Gore.

Sydney George Reynolds Appears on the 1911 census, aged 15
Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Rayne Gore.

Richard and Sydney Reynolds were both sons of George and Angelina Reynolds.

Herbert Henry Richardson In 1911 the Richardson family was resident at Braintree Green, Rayne:
Herbert Richardson, age 45, occupation: Moulder, at Iron Foundry, born: Felstead.
Jessie Richardson, age 43, born: Rayne.
Annie Richardson, age 16, born: Braintree.
Herbert H. Richardson, age 14, born: Braintree.
William Richardson, age 13, born: Braintree.
Susanah Richardson, age 10, born: Braintree.
Leslie Richardson, age 9, born: Braintree.
Reginald Richardson, age 6, born: Braintree.
Hubert Richardson, age 4, born: Braintree.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Braintree Green.

James Richardson The 1911 census shows the Richardson family living at New Road, Rayne:
James Richardson, age 32, occupation: Iron Moulder at Foundry, born: Rayne.
Ada Richardson, age 28, born: Braintree.
Edgar James Rischardson, age 9, born Rayne.
Martha Cutts, age 75 (visitor, widow) born Braintree.

Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour J. Richardson.
The 1914 electoral roll records James Richardson living at New Road, Rayne.

Arthur James Ridgewell

Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as A. Ridgewell
Appears on 1918 absent voters list as Arthur James Ridgewell, address: New Road, Rayne.
See entry for Arthur James Redgwell above

Percy Sidney Salmon

Private Soldier 32303 - 36th Labour Battalion, Royal Fusiliers
Private Soldier 30840 – 29th (Infantry Works) Battalion, Middlesex Regiment
Private Soldier 162809 – 6th Labour Battalion

Address at Attestation: Grisnal Green, Felstead (now Gransmore Green)
Age: 20 years 7 months
Height: 5' 6"
Chest Measurement: 35"
Occupation: Stockman
Next of Kin: Henry Salmon, father.

Attestation: 11/12/1915 at Braintree.
to Army Reserve: 12/12/1915
Mobilized: 29/05/1916
Posted to 36th Battalion Royal Fusiliers, London Regiment: 31/05/1916
Transferred to 29th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment: 14/06/1916
Posted to 33rd Works Battalion: 13/02/1917
Posted 6th Labour Battalion, Northampton: 03/05/1917
Posted to 369 Company, Home Service Labour Company: 16/06/1917
Posted to 436 Agricultural Company: 03/10/1917
Transferred to Sutton Surrey: 04/06/1919

Applied for release giving the following reason "Mother in indifferent health with 6 children under 14 years of age. Father and Brother at work but cannot earn sufficient to keep them."

One months leave granted without pay 28/07/1919 – 25/08/1919

Demobilized Purfleet: 30/08/1919

Oliver Bertie Salmon

Private Soldier 6210 – 6th Battalion, Essex Regiment
Private Soldier 57730 – 3rd/1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment
Private Soldier 8121 - 1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment
Private Soldier M/428154 - Army Service Corps

Address at Attestation: Grismore Green, Felstead. (now Gransmore Green)
Age: 18 years 11 months
Occupation: Stockman

Attestation: 05/12/1915
Posted to Reserve: 09/12/1915
Mobilized: 29/03/1916
Posted to 6th Battalion, Essex Regiment: 31/03/1916
Transferred to 3rd/1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment: 09/09/1916
Posted to 1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment: 12/10/1916

Army Service Record Incomplete - ASC detail from Medal Card.

Stanley Russell Saltmarsh Rifleman 205148, King's Royal Rifle Corps

Stanley Russell Saltmarsh was born on the 10th of January 1899, the son of Henry and Edith Saltmarsh.

In 1901 the census shows the family at Hartford End:
Henry Saltmarsh - 28 - Brewer's Clerk
Edith Saltmarsh - 28
Oliver - 4
Stanley - 2

The 1911 census shows the family still at Hartford End but having grown slightly:
Henry Saltmarsh - age 38 - Brewer's and Company Clerk - born Maldon, Essex.
Edith Saltmarsh - age 38 - born Heybridge, Essex.
Oliver Norman Saltmarsh -  age 14 - Grocer's Apprentice - born Maldon, Essex.
Stanley Russell Saltmarsh - age 12 - at school - born Maldon, Essex.
Edgar Rowland Saltmarsh - age 7 - born Felstead.

The Essex Weekly News of 31st May 1918 includes the following item in its Roll of Honour:

Rifleman S. R. Saltmarsh, K.R.R.C. (King's Royal Rifle Corps) second son of Mr. and Mrs. Saltmarsh, of Hartford End, Chelmsford, has been missing since April 13, and his parents would welcome news. Corpl. O.N. Saltmarsh, London Regt., his elder brother, was killed in action Sept. 15, 1916.

The Essex Weekly news later carried the following item on 14th June 1918:

Formerly reported missing, the following are now known to be be prisoners of war - Rifleman S. R. Saltmarsh K.R.R.C. son of Mr. H. Saltmarsh, Hartford End.

Stanley survived the war and married Edith M. Thorogood in 1928 somewhere in the Chelmsford registration district. Later he moved to Wales and died in November 1988 at Ynys Mon registration district, Gwynedd, which covers the Isle of Angellsey.

Brother of Oliver Saltmarsh

Jesse Saunders Jesse Saunders was born in the Dunmow registration district in 1883.

He married Beatrice Louisa Hicks in the Braintree registration district in 1908.

In 1914 they both appear in the electoral register for Felsted as resident at the Terrace, Felsted.

Jesse appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at The Terrace.

Arthur Alfred Savill Arthur Savill appears on the 1901 census aged 9, born Felstead
Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as A. Savill
Appears on the 1918 absent voters list as Arthur Alfred Savill, address: Mole Hill Green.

The Medal Card Index at the National Archive records 10 for Arthur Savill, including 2 for Arthur A. Savill:

first: Arthur A. Savill, Private 3246 and the Private 250769 with the Essex Regiment.
second: Arthur A. Savill, Driver 352966 with the Royal Garrison Artillery.

Fred George Savill Fred Savill appears on the 1901 census aged 6, born Felstead.

Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as F Savill.
Appears on the 1918 absent voters list as Fred George Savill, address: Mole Hill Green

Served as Private 2592 with the Army Cyclist Corps.

The Savill family were resident in Mole Hill Green in 1901:
Alfred, aged 38, Occupation: Agricultural Labourer
Charlotte, aged 37
Joseph, aged 14
Margaret, aged 11
Arthur, aged 9
Fred, aged 6
Frank, aged 3
Annie, aged 9 months.

Frederick Charles Sawyer

Private Soldier 27195, Essex Regiment
Private Soldier 373718, Labour Corps

Born about: 1882

Address at attestation. Detail unclear on burnt record, but clearly "Felstead."
Address at demobilization: Park Cottage, Broomfield.
Temporary Address after the war: 15 Baddow Road, Chelmsford.
Address after the war: 1 Cobbs Road, Broomfield. 

Age at Attestation: 33 years 6 months
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 198¾ lbs
Chest Measurement: 37"
Medical Notes: Old fracture of left elbow, extension incomplete.
Slight Defects: Dental Treatment, Very Fat.
Occupation: Mail Driver.
Marital Status at Attestation: Single
Next of Kin: Charles Sawyer, of Tuddenham, Suffolk. Father
Married Alice Maud Langridge (widow) at the Parish Church, Burnham:11/07/1916
Alfred Richard Stanley Langridge, born 14/11/1902
Leslie Eric Langridge, born 10/02/1917

Attestation: 06/12/1915
Enlisted to 12th Battalion, Essex Regiment: 06/12/1915
Posted to France: 16/07/1916
Embarked Folkestone and posted to 11th Battalion, Essex Regiment: 17/07/1916
Classified PB in the field 11/11/1916
Detailed to Camp: 19/11/1916
Transferred to Labour Corps: 12/10/1917
Leave to UK: 16/11/1917 – 30/11/1917
Dental Hospital: 23/02/1918
Posted to Area B 832 Company, Labour Corps: 15/06/1918
Granted Leave: 20/10/1918 – 03/11/1918
Demobilized: 02/05/1919

An additional note to his service records shows:
Order: 14/01/1915
“Stopped four pence a day from 28/07/1916 in support of his illegitimate child. To be sent to Mr F J W Wood of Woodbridge, Suffolk.”
Details of Mother: Violet Lydia Agnes Sawyer of Otley.
Date of Birth of Child: 11/06/1914
“Required to pay 2 shillings per week till child attains age of 14 years.”

Stanley Liddicott Sewell In 1911 the Sewell family were living at Causeway End, Felsted:
John George Sewell, age 41, occupation: Grocer's Manager, born: Bocking
Ellen Carfield Sewell, age 45, born: St Columb, Cornwall.
Stanley Liddicott Sewell, age 12, born: Felsted.
Amy Frances Sewell, age 11, born Felsted.
George Sewell, age 76, occupation: Retired Bootmaker, born: Braintree.
Frances Sewell, age 76, born: Braintree.

Possibly Private Soldier 514823 Stanley L. Sewell, London Regiment.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Causeway End.

Charles Harold Shaw

Gunner 60928, Royal Garrison Artillery, Royal Regiment of Artillery

Born: 1893

Address at Attestation: Bannister Green, Felstead.
Age at Attestation: 22 years 2 months
Height: 5' 10½"
Chest size: 35½"
Occupation: Carman.
Next of Kin at Attestation: Frederick William John Shaw (Father)
Married Selina Francis (spinster) at Great Leighs: 14/02/1916
Child: Nora Joan Shaw, born 10/04/1916.

Attested and posted Gunner: 27/10/1915
Joined at No.4 Depot R.G.A., Great Yarmouth: 02/11/1915
Posted to No. 4 Depot: 06/11/1915
Posted to 340 Siege Battery: 19/01/1917
Posted to 328 Siege Battery: 31/03/1917
To France: 19/05/1917
Posted to Base: 04/04/1918
Posted to 89 Siege Battery: 15/04/1918
Left France: 21/07/1919
De-Mobilized: 17/08/1919

Address after the War: Moulsham Hall, Great Leighs.

O. Shaw Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour
Sidney James Shaw

In 1901 the Shaw family were living at Bannister Green:
Peter Shaw, age 31, occupation: Cowman on Farm
Alice Shaw, age 25
Winifred E. Shaw, age 5
Sydney J. Shaw, age 2
Isabella Shaw, age 3 months

By 1911 Sidney’s circumstances had changed. He was living with his uncle and Grandmother, still at Bannister Green:
George Shaw, age 30, Single
Susannah Shaw, age 76, Widow,
Sidney Shaw, age 12.

Sidney would not have been eligible for call up until 1917 and would not have been eligible for overseas service until 1918.

He Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Bannister Green.

Albert Shead In 1911 the Shead family were resident in Willows Green, Felstead:
Thomas Shead, age 60, occupation: Labourer on Farm, born Felstead.
Laura Shead, age 68, born Felstead. (Emma had fourteen children, two of which had died before 1911. Only one son remained at home)
Albert Shead, age 24, occupation: Labourer on Farm, born Felstead.

Possibly, Private Soldier 022618 Bert Shead, Army Ordnance Corps.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Willows Green.

Douglas Claude Sheldrake Douglas C. Sheldrake was employed as a Servant at Felsted School.

He appears on the Felstead Roll of Honour as D. Sheldrake.
Served as Lance Corporal, 12207 with the 9th Battalion the Essex Regiment.

He was wounded in France on 4th October 1915, and subsequently discharged from the army because of wounds on 8th September 1916 receiving the silver war badge number 16505.

Albert Charles Ernest Shepherd

Army Record gives Albert.
Birth Index for 1874 gives Albert.
Marriage Index gives Arthur.
Appears on 1918 absent voters list as Albert Charles Ernest Shepherd, address: Village.

Driver 413858: 10 Motor Transport Company - Army Service Corps.

Address at Enlistment: The Bell Inn, Felstead.
Occupation: Clerk and Small Holder.
Age: 44 years 4 months
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Chest Measurement: 38"
Hair Colour: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Eyesight: 6/6
Notes: Deformed toe on right foot
Expressed preference: Royal Air Force.
Next of Kin: Charlotte Emma Shepherd (née Little) married 08/09/1903 at Gt. Dunmow.
James Ernest Shepherd. Born 05/08/1904 at Felstead.
Annie Charlotte Grace Shepherd. Born 16/02/1909 at Felstead.
Stella May Shepherd. Born 16/09/1915 at Felstead.

Enlisted: 18/04/1918
Called Up: 26/07/1918
Joined RASC at Sydenham: 27/07/1918
Passed Learner Driver test at Isleworth 21/11/1918
Special Christmas Leave granted: 30/11/1918 – 30/12/1918
Transferred to Kelsey Manor Dispersal Station: 27/01/1919
De-Mobilized: 24/02/1919

Notes on file:
Sobriety: Good
Reliable: Yes
Intelligent: Yes

Cosby Donald Philipps Smallpeice

Cosby Smallpeice
Photograph courtesy
The Smallpeice Trust

Cosby Smallpeice was born in central London, on 23rd March 1896. He was the son of Dr William and Cicely Smallpeice. Dr Smallpeice retired from his General Practice to live in Felsted, and Cosby attended Felsted School.

In 1911 the family were living in Felsted:
William Donald Smallpeice age 58
Cicely Smallpeice (née Philipps) age 44
Andrea Cicely Smallpeice age 17
Cosby Donald Philipps Smallpeice age 15

He was due to go to Cambridge in September 1914 but with the outbreak of war enlisted in the army. He appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as Lieut. C. Smallpiece.

The London Gazette of 28th August 1914 reported:
The under-mentioned ex-Cadets, Officers Training Corps, to be Second Lieutenants: Dated 29th August, 1914.
Cosby Donald Philipps Smallpeice.

He went on to serve with the Royal Artillery, training near Warminster, before being sent to France. He was promoted to the rank of Captain and was reported to have been the youngest officer of that rank serving in France. In 1917 he was badly gassed and invalided home. He spent a year in hospital and out of boredom he taught himself technical drawing.

By the end the war he was a Captain with the Royal Army Service Corps.

The London Gazette of 8th May 1919 reported
Capt. C. D. P. Smallpeice is placed on the ret. list on account of ill-health contracted on active service. 9th May 1919.

The London Gazette of 20th September 1919 reported:
"Capt. C.D.P. Smallpiece is placed on the ret. list on account of ill-health contracted on active service. 27th Mar. 1919. (Substituted for the notification in the Gazette of 8th May 1919.)

After the war he set up his own business as C Smallpeice, General Engineer. In 1929 he designed and built the Smallpeice Lathe. His factory in Coventry was destroyed by German bombers during the second world war. Cosby Smallpeice founded the Smallpeice Trust to encourage young people into engineering. He died in 1977 aged 81.

Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith in hospital blues

Arthur Smith with working horseArthur Smith was born in Felstead in 1890, and served as a Private Soldier 8645 with 'H' Company, 1st Battalion, the Essex Regiment, enlisting on 3rd July 1906.

A son of George and Jane Smith, of the Mount Bannister Green, and brother to Percy, Walter and Ernest Smith all killed in the war.

The 1911 census shows he was serving with the Battalion in Quetta, India aged 23 (this figure appears incorrect and may indicate he gave a false age on enlistment).  He was a regular soldier and served on the North  West Frontier of what was then India on the border with Afghanistan before WW1.

He was with the 1st Battalion when they landed at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915, and was wounded there in May 1915.

He is pictured on the left wearing hospital blues, and was troubled by his injuries for the rest of his life. He ended the war as a Sergeant instructor, although records can only confirm that he attained the rank of Acting Corporal.

After being injured he was shipped to a hospital in Felixstowe where he met his future wife Agnes Ellen Ireland who was his nurse.  They married in Felsted in 1917.  Agnes' home village was Wrea Green near Kirkham Lancashire. After his discharge, 20th April 1919, Arthur and Agnes moved to Wesham near Kirkham.

He appears on the Felstead Roll of Honour as A. Smith
Appears on 1918 absent voters list as Arthur Smith, address: Bannister Green.

Arthur died in 1955 and was buried in St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Kirkham.

Herbert Smith Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Dragon Lane.
Thomas Owen Smith In 1911 Thomas Smith and his wife were living at Myrtle Villas, Felsted:
Thomas Owen Smith, age 29, occupation: Hairdresser and Science Lab. Assistant at Felsted School, born Great Waltham.
Ellen Marie Smith, age 37, born: Bishops Stortford, Herts.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Causeway End.

C.D. Snalt Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour
J.W. Southgate M.M. Serjeant 1533 J. W. Southgate, Norfolk Regiment

The London Gazette of 23rd February 1918 reported the award of the Military Medal to 15533 Sjt. J.W. Southgate, M.M., Norf. R. (Felstead).

Peter Clarke, who has researched John William Southgate of the Norfolk Regiment feels the reference in the London Gazette may be an error, as J.W. Southgate was actually from Feltwell, near Thetford. He has provided a link to a full write up, (with a grainy picture of John William Southgate):-

Given the lack of other evidence for J.W. Southgate being in Felsted I think this is sound research, and whilst the detail is left here it should be assumed that he was not a Felsted man.

Frank Charles Staines

Private Soldier 1667, 7th Battalion, Essex Regiment (Territorial)

Born: Felstead 1894

Attestation: 06/03/1912
Age at Attestation: 17 years 11 months
Height: 5’ 4”
Chest Size: 34”

Record shows:
Home Service: 06/03/1912 – 04/08/1914
Absent on Mobilization and struck off: 05/08/1914
Rejoined from absence and enrolled: 16/11/1914
Home Service: 16/11/1914 – 10/03/1917

Employed by Hoffmans, Chelmsford under the conditions of the War Office letter: 20/07/1915

Discharged 10/03/1917

Arthur Thomas Stoddart Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Allviews, Rayne.

An Arthur Thomas Stoddart was born in the Chelmsford registration district in 1897.

The National Archive medal card index includes an entry for an Arthur T Stoddart who was initially Private Soldier, 40475 with the Essex Regiment and later Private Soldier A/200936 the King's Royal Rifle Corps.

The Stringer Brothers

In 1911 the census records the Stringer family as being resident at 9 The Avenue, Brondesbury, which is part of Willesden district of North London. They are living in a house with 14 rooms. The surviving houses from that period in the street are four storey Edwardian town houses, with basements and attic rooms:

George Ralph Herbert Stringer, age 42, occupation Solicitor, born: Hornsey London.
Muade Stringer (née Fol), Age 39, born: Dalston, London.
Irene Hope Stringer, age 16, occupation: student, born, Hampstead.
Philip Austin Selborne Stringer, age 15, occupation: student, born, Hampstead.
Margaret Millicent Stringer, age 14, occupation: student, born, Willesden.
Colin Kingsley Stringer, age 12, occupation: student, born, Willesden.
Hugh Mansfield Stringer, age 10, occupation: student, born, Willesden.
Dorothy Eleanor Stringer, age 9, occupation: student, born, Willesden.
Beatrice Mary Stringer, age 8, occupation: student, born, Willesden.
Helen Maude Stringer, age 6, born, Walton, Suffolk.
Barbara Grace Stringer, age 4, born, Willesden.
Kathleen Diana Stringer, age 2, born, Willesden.
Ursula Monica Stringer, age 1, born, Willesden.
Evelyn Marjorie Stringer, age 4 months, born, Willesden.
Edith Signoris Sheffield, age 28, occupation: Nursery Governess, born: Manchester.

A check of the Electoral Registers for Felstead in 1914 and 1915 show that George Stringer is not listed which would imply that they had not moved to the village, however we know that by 1923 they were resident in Earls Colne, Essex.

We also know that in 1918 Philip and Colin appear on the Electoral Register for 74 High Road, Kilburn.

This would suggest that the link the boys had with Felsted was the School, and that PAS Stringer appears on the 1914 honour roll because he joined the army direct from leaving school although only Colin appears in the School Alumni.

Colin Kingsley Stringer Brother of Hugh and Philip Stringer. Born in the final quarter of 1898 in the Hendon registration district.
Student at Felsted School 1914 - 1915
Went on to serve as an Air Mechanic with the Royal Air Force, and later was a senior executive in the Petroleum industry.

Colin married Nancy Emmeline Plunket on 3rd September 1927. The couple had three children: Hugh, Hermione and Richard.

Hugh Mansfield Stringer Brother of Colin and Philip Stringer. Born in the Jun quarter of 1900 in the Hendon registration district.

The London Gazette records in 1918:
The under mentioned Prob. Flying Officers (late R.N.A.S.) are granted temporary commissions as 2nd Lieutenants (A):
effective 3rd October 1918: Hugh Mansfield Stringer.

The next London Gazette entry is in 1922 when it records:
A short service commission as Flying Officer effective 8th November 1922.

Hugh was killed on 7th April 1923 and his grave at Quetta includes the inscription:
"In loving memory of Flying Officer Hugh Mansfield Stringer. Dearly loved son of Mr and Mrs G.R. Stringer of Earl's Colne, Essex. Killed while flying near Quetta 7 April 1923. Aged 23 yrs."

Philip Austin Selborne Stringer P.A.S. Stringer appears on Felstead Roll of Honour

Philip Austin Selborne Stringer was born in the Hampstead registration district in 1895. In 1901 and 1911 his family are living in Willesden. A younger brother Colin Kingsley Stringer was a pupil of Felsted School between 1914 and 1915.

The Essex Regiment Museum records his residence on enlistment as The Rectory, Twinstead, which is in North Essex, just south of Sudbury in Suffolk.

They show that Philip served with 2nd/5th Battalion in the UK, before going to France on 24th June 1918, ostensibly for the 2nd Battalion but like a number of other officers was diverted to other units, he to the 15th Essex which he joined on 30th June. He was demobilised 10th February 1919.

The London Gazette records:
18th March 1915: Philip Austin Selborne Stringer to be Second Lieutenant, 5th Battalion, The Essex Regiment, dated 13th March 1915.
17th August 1917: P.A.S. Stringer 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) to be Lt. (temp Capt.) with precedence as from 1st June 1916.
8th October 1918: Lt. P.A.S. Stringer (T.F.) to be actg. Capt. (addtl) 2 July 1918.

His medal card records his rank at the end of the war as Captain.

He went on to be a solicitor with STRINGER and STRINGER, 74-76 and 78 High Road, Kilburn, London.

In 1927 he married Lilian D. Yeo in the Basford registration district.

In 1950 Captain Philip Austin Selborne Stringer of Jacksoms, Langley, Burrell, Chipenham was appointed as a Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire.

Frank Stubbings In 1911 the Stubbings family were livingat Mount Pleasant, Felsted:
Amos Stubbings, age 49, occupation: Farm Labourer, born: Felstead.
Lizzie Stubbings, age 50, born: Felsted.
Annie Stubbings, age 16, occupation: Domestic Servant, born: Felsted.
Frank Stubbings, age 14, occupation: Baker's Boy, born: Felsted.
Robert Stubbings, age 7, born: Felsted.
Sarah Stubbings, (mother of Amos) age 85, born: Felsted.
Kenneth Ling, (grandson of Amos) age 9 months, born: Felsted.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Braintree Road.

Bertie Suckling In 1911 the Suckling family were living at Oxneys Farm, Bannister Green, Felstead:
Walter Suckling, age 40, occupation: Horseman on Farm, born: Felstead.
Emily Suckling, age 41, born Felstead.
William Suckling, age 15, occupation: Bricklayer's Labourer, born Felstead.
Bertie Suckling, age 13, occupation: Kitchen boy on farm, born Felstead.
Mable Suckling, age 9, born Felstead.
Ellen Suckling, age 6, born Felstead.
Ernest Suckling, age 7, born Felstead.
Frank Fuller (stepson), age 19, occupation: Farm Labourer, born Felstead. (See Also Served 1)

William Suckling appears on Felstead Roll of Honour of 1914 as W. Suckling

Bertie Suckling served as Private Soldier 35240, the Bedfordshire Regiment.
Bertie Suckling appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Bannister Green.

William Suckling
Charles Joseph Swallow

Charles was born on 3rd April 1893.

The 1911 census records the Swallow family as being resident at Bannister Green:
Alfred Swallow, age 41, occupation Carpenter.
Amelia Antoinette Swallow, age 41. The census indicates Alfred and Amelia had been married for 22 years, had 9 children but only 8 were living.
Charles Joseph Swallow, age 18, single, occupation: Carpenter.
Mable Florry Swallow, age 12
Sidney Swallow, age 12
Hubert William Swallow, age 8
Stanley Jack Swallow, age 5

Charles appears on the Felstead Roll of Honour of 1914 as C. Swallow indicting he volunteered early after the declaration of war, a fact which is borne out by his service record.

He was attested to the Essex Regiment on 31st August 1914 at Chelmsford as Private Soldier 12273.

His medical record completed on 1st September 1914 describes him as:
Height 5’ 2½”
Weight: 125 lbs
Chest size 35½”
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown
Religion: C of E

His military service is recorded as:
2nd September 1914: Posted to the 9th Battalion, Essex Regt.
5th June 1915: Posted to the 3rd Battalion, Essex Regt.
15th June 1915: Posted to 9th Battalion, Essex Regt (in France).
Service in France: 15th June 1915-18th May 1916.
19th May 1916. Admitted to the Duchess of Connaught Canadian Red Cross Hospital, Taplow, Bucks with shell shock, suffering from tremors and chest pains.
25th November 1916: Posted to the BEF.
14th December 1916: Joined 1st Battalion the Essex Regiment.
15th April 1917: Transferred to Royal Engineers as a skilled carpenter
16th April 1917: Rank changed to Sapper 245087.
15th April 1918: Appointed Lance Corporal.
10th May 1918: Admitted to hospital.
19th July 1918: Discharged from hospital.
13th February 1919: Returned to UK.
15th March 1919: De-mobilised.

Charles married Agnes M. Lewin in 1923. A son Donald L. Swallow was born in 1932.

Charles died on 24th June 1970 and is buried at Holy Cross Churchyard, Felsted.

Arthur Swan Arthur Swan was born in the first quarter of 1882.

Arthur Swan married Violet Sarah Salmon in the Dunmow registration district in 1908.

In 1911 Arthur Swan and his wife are resident at Home Farm, Stebbing Green, Stebbing:
Arthur Swan, age 29, occupation Farmer, born Sampford, Essex.
Violet Swan, age 24, born Stebbing.

A daughter Isobel C. Swan was born in 1911.

In 1914 the Arthur and Violet appears on the electoral register for Felsted as resident at Burnt House Cottages.

Arthur appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Burnt House Cottages, Stebbing Road, Felsted.

The 1920 electoral register includes Arthur and Violet Sarah Swan, still resident Burnt House Cottages.

Arthur John Taylor M.M. Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour A. Taylor

The Essex Regiment Museum record shows an A.J. Taylor served as Sergeant 10651 with the 9th Battalion, the Essex Regiment and won the Military Medal. His occupation before enlisting was Servant at Felsted School.

He was discharged from the army on 16th March 1919.

Francis Bertram Taylor Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour F. Taylor
Appears on 1918 absent voters list as Francis Bertram Taylor, address: Rayne Gore.
Sydney Percy Taylor In 1911 Sydney Taylor was living at Days Farm Cottages, Great Baddow:
Sydney Percy Taylor, age 29, occupation: Gamekeeper, born Honnington, Suffolk.
Margaret Francis Taylor, age 26, born Honnington, Suffolk.

Sydney and Margaret had only been married 1 year.

Sydney appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Hartford End.

Arthur Thurgood Arthur Thurgood was born in 1892. He appears on the 1911 census as a Gunner, with the Royal Garrison Artillery, aged 19, occupation: saddler.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at North End.
Appears on the Ford End Church, Roll of Duty as A. Thurgood, Private, Royal Garrison Artillery

Cyril George Thurgood In 1911, Cyril Thurgood was a boarder with James and Beatrice Cass, at 6 Nelson Terrace, Upper Bridge Road, Chelmsford.

The census records that Cyril was age 18, single, and working as a Butcher's Assistant, and had been born in Felstead.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Hartford End.
Appears on the Ford End Church, Roll of Duty as C.G. Thurgood, Private, Essex Regiment.

Reginald Stanley Thurgood Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at North End House.
Sydney Horace Thurgood Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at North End House.
Walter Arnold Tomlinson

W.A. Tomlinson 1923
W.A. Tomlinson 1923
Courtesy Felsted School

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Master's House. Michael Craze in his History of Felsted School records that Walter Tomlinson was back in the staff common room in 1919.

Corporal 156446 – Royal Garrison Artillery

Born 1878
Address at Enlistment: The School, Felsted
Age at enlistment: 39 years 3 months
Height 5' 8¾" weight 149 lbs
Chest size 38½"
Next of Kin: Walter Michael Tomlinson, The Rectory, Thorpe, Derby.

Enlisted: 02/02/1916
Called Up: 14/04/1917
Posted Gunner: 14/04/1917
Posted to Depot: 08/05/1917
To France: 27/07/1917
Promoted to Corporal: 18/12/1918
Demobilized: 16/02/1919

Francis Turner M.C.  O.B.E. Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour F. Turner
Appears on 1918 absent voters list as Francis Turner, address: Master's House.

Short Service Record:
TURNER, Capt. F. G., O.B.E., M.C.
18th Bn. Roy. Fus. 2/9/14 — 14/1/15
 2nd Lieut. 14/1/15- 13th (S.) Bn. Hampshire Regt.
Lieut. 14/1/15 5th (S.) Bn. Dorset Regt. at Suvla, In Egypt;
in France. Act.- Capt. 20/10/15 — 7/2/16.
Adjt. 7/2/16 — 7/1/17.
Capt. 27/10/16. G.S.O. (3) nth Div. 7/1/17— 28/6/17.
Bde. Maj., 34th Bde., 28/6/17— 14/2/18.
With ?th Div. on Somme, at Messines, 3rd battle of Ypres and in final advance.
M.C. 3/6/17.
O.B.E. 3/6/19.
Demobilised 14/2/19.


Frederick Tyler

Born in Little Dunmow in 1896, Frederick Tyler was the son of Walter and Rosanna Tyler (née Bright) who married in 1880.

Private Soldier 11010, East Kent Regiment

Address at Attestation: North End, Near Felstead.
Age at Attestation: 19 years 180 days
Occupation: Flour Miller
Attestation: 9th December 1915
Height: 5’ 5”
Chest Measurement: 33¾”
Next of Kin: Walter Tyler, Father.

9th December 1915: Attestation
10th December 1915: Posted to Reserve
27th May 1916: Mobilized
30th May 1916: Posted to 9th Battalion, The Buffs, East Kent Regiment.
4th September 1916: Posted to 3rd Battalion, The Buffs.
5th November 1916 – 18th April 1917: service with BEF
20th November 1916: Posted to 8th Battalion, The Buffs.
19th April 1917 – 8th September 1917: Home Service.
14th August 1917: Posted to 3rd Battalion, The Buffs.
30th August 1917: Punished for overstaying embarkation leave by 22 hrs and 45 minutes.
9th September 1917 – 20th March 1918: Service with BEF
21st March 1918: Gun Shot Wound Left Hand, Lost Ring Finger. (£18 gratuity paid on 5th April 1922)
21st March 1918: Captured at Vendual.
21st March 1918 – 25th November 1918: Interred as POW at Metz.
26th November 1918: Liberated and returned to England
26th November 1918 – 10th April 1919: Home Service
10th April 1919: Demobilized

Edward Malcolm Venables

picture courtesy Felsted School

Edward Malcolm Venables was born in 1884 in Hendon registration district.

He studied at Magdalene College, Oxford obtaining his BA in 1907, an MA in 1914 and a BD in 1924.

Rev Edward Malcolm Venables was born appointed as an Assistant Master at Felsted School in 1912.

The London Gazette of 26th August 1915 reported:
The Reverend Edward Malcolm Venables to be temporary Second Lieutenant, for service with Felsted School Contingent, Junior Division, Officer Training Corps. Dated 27th July 1915.

The register of Officers and Cadets held at the Essex Records Office shows he joined the OTC in the September term 1915.

After being a Master at Felsted School he was appointed Assistant Master to Harrow School in 1917, and then Chaplain of Harrow School in 1926 where he stayed until 1942. Between 1943 and 1945 he was the Rector of Wootton Courtney.

He also served as Canon of the 6th Stall, at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, living at 4 The Cloisters, Windsor Castle from 1948 until his death in 1957.

Henry Leonard Wachter

Henry and Alice Wachter c.1920

Henry Leonard Wachter was born in the Braintree registration district in 1881. He was a son of William Anton and Emma Wachter. William was born Wilhelm Anton Waechter and immigrated from Prussia in 1865, and married Emma Smith from Great Leighs around 1870.

Henry married Alice Coote in 1908.

Henry and Alice moved to Felsted some time after 1911, where he worked as a Butcher.
At that time they had four children:
Norah Coote, b.1904 in Wethersfield
Geoffrey Osmond Wachter, b.1909 in Bocking
Agnes Violet Wachter, b. 1910 in Braintree
William Walter Wachter, b. 1911 in Braintree.

He appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as H. Wachter.
probably Henry L. Wachter, Private Soldier 2580, Royal Army Medical Corps.

He appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at the Village, Felsted.

A son Leonard Edward Wachter was born in Felsted on 10th August 1919.

Henry died in Courtald Hospital, Braintree on 1st June 1958.

The Wade Brothers In 1911 the Wade family were resident at Hartford End:
Arthur Wade, age 44, occupation: Engine Driver at Brewery, born: Appletrees, Gt. Waltham.
Elizabeth Wade, age 45, born Thistley Green, Felstead.
Henry Wade, age 21, occupation: Horseman on Farm, born Hartford End.
(Daughters Gurtie, age 20 and Annie, age 18, have been crossed out. Their occupations are both General Domestic Servant, and were probably living away on Census night.)
Fanny Wade, age 16, occupation: Day Girl in Domestic Service, born Hartford End.
William Wade, age 15, occupation: Kitchen Boy, born Hartford End.
Frederick Wade, age 13, occupation: Bottler in Stores at Brewery, born Hartford End.
Daisy Wade, age 11, at school, born: Hartford End.
Hilda Wade, age 9, at school, born: Hartford End.
John Wade, age 7, at school, born: Hartford End.
Walter Wade, age 4, born Hartford End.
Frederick Wade Frederick appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Hartford End.
William Wade William appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as W. Wade
Appears on 1918 absent voters list as William Wade, address: Hartford End.
Alfred Waite Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Bannister Green.
O. Watkinson Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour
Hugh Weaver Hugh Weaver was born in Felstead in 1893. Hugh was baptised at Holy Cross Church on 30th October 1893. Only the details for his mother are given, she was Maude Weaver.

In 1901 the Weaver family are listed on the Census as living at Felstead:
James Skingle Weaver, age 79, born Islington, occupation: Living on own means.
Susannah Weaver, age 73, born Kelvedon
Mary Weaver, age 38, born Felstead
Hugh Weaver, age 7, born Felstead (adopted child).

The census also records other members of the Weaver family who had moved away from the village.

Hugh appears on Felstead Roll of Honour of 1914 as H. Weaver.

In 1911 Hugh Weaver was a boarder with Thomas and Christiana Radley, at Bannister Green, Felstead.
He is listed as being age 17, occupation: Hay Binder's Labourer, born: Felstead Essex.

Joseph Henry Whitehead The 1911 census records the Whitehead family as resident at Mole Hill Green, Felstead:
Mrs Elizabeth Whitehead, age 70, born Braintree Essex.
William Whitehead, age 45 (son), Labourer on Farm, born: Finchingfield.
Joseph Henry Whitehead, age 21 (son), Labourer on Farm, born: Felstead.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as Joseph Harry Whitehead, normally resident at Molehill Green.

Percy Whiteley

Private Soldier 27085 – Royal Army Medical Corps

Address at Attestation: Milch Hill, Felstead
Age: 38 years 4 months
Occupation: Journeyman Butcher
Next of Kin: Phoebe Whiteley (née Massey)
married 06/02/1915 at Methodist Chapel, Charlton

Attested 19/01/1916
To reserve: 20/01/1916
Posted to Depot Company: 28/08/1916
Transferred to RAMC 14/09/1916
attached to Depot Company, Labour Bttn, "Queens" Royal West Surrey Regiment
Posted to 33rd Field Ambulance Company: 01/01/1917

William Whiting

Private Soldier 2956 - 5th (Home Service) Battalion, Essex Regiment
Acting Corporal 250664 – 1st/5th Battalion, Essex Regiment

Address at Attestation: c/o Livermore, Thistley Green, Felstead.
Age: 29 yrs 7 months
Height: 5' 5¼"
Chest Size: 38"

Home Service: 05/11/1914 – 21/07/1915
British Expeditionary Force: 22/07/1915 – 10/03/1919
Appointed acting corporal: 11/09/1917
Home Service: 11/03/1919 – 08/04/1919
Demobilized: 08/04/1919 at Warley, Brentwood.

Character: Good

Address after the war: Buntingford, Herts.

A. Wilks Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour
Herbert Wilks

Private Soldier T4/038245   Royal Army Service Corps (Driver – Horse Teams)

Address at Attestation: Peaks Hall Lane, Felstead

Age at Attestation: 29 years 8 months
Height: 5' 7¾"
Chest Size: 35½"
Occupation: Horseman
Next of Kin: Annie Wilks (née Claydon) married Dunmow 12/09/1908
Alfred Herbert Wilks. Born: 19/11/1907 at Dunmow (names entered in service record in reverse, should read Herbert Alfred Wilks)
Doris Annie Wilks. Born 26/08/1909 at (?  Sabin ) possibly Stebbing
Bertie Henry Charles Wilks. Born 06/12/1911 at Chelmsford
Christopher Wilks. Born 21/11/1913 at Dunmow
Violet Wilks. Born 15/02/1915 at Dunmow.

Attested: 31/12/1914
Joined at Woolwich: 01/01/1915
Home Service: 31/12/1914 – 25/03/1915
British Expeditionary Force (2nd Cavalry Reserve Park) 174th Company: 26/03/1915
Good Conduct Badge awarded: 31/12/1916

Reported Injured 02/11/1918: abrasion of upper lip.
Cause: “Chopping wood when piece flew up and cut lip”

A sad addition to Herbert’s record is the death certificate for his eldest child:
Herbert Alfred Wilks died aged 10 on 27/02/1918 of Anaemia and Heart failure.

Austin Henry Williams C.I.E., M.C.

Austin Henry Williams was born in Felsted in 1890. He was the eldest son of Gerald Henry Williams and Gertrude Mary Williams (née Holbrooke).

In 1901 the census shows the family living in the Village, Felsted:
Gerald Henry Williams, age 48, Assistant School Master, Felsted School, born Skelton, Cumberland.
Gertrude Mary Williams, age 33, born Portsdale, Sussex.
Austin H. Williams, age 11, born Felsted.
Stephen L. Williams, age 9, born Felsted.
Marjorie G.G. Williams, age 3, born Felsted.
Beartrice Burrell, age 32, Governess, born, Dinan, Britanny (British Subject).
Mary A Fry. Age 57, Nurse/Domestic, born White Colne, Essex.
Dorothy Perkins, age 16, Domestic Servant, born High Easter, Essex.

Austin was, for a short period, a pupil at Felsted School.

He appears on the Felsted Honour Roll of 1914 as Lieut. A. Williams

Austin joined the British Indian Army, and served with the 38th King George’s Own Central India Horse. He was promoted to Temporary Captain in 1915 and Captain in 1916. After the war he rose to the rank of Brigadier.

Austin played polo for England during the 1920s.

Austin married Eva Albanesi in Chelsea 1927.

He was commandant of Equitation School, in India in 1938, and by 1944 was appointed Aide de Camp to the King.

Austin won the Military Cross and was made Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire.

In 1948, Austin was in South Africa, with wife Eva, and daughter Meg Hartman with 4 grandchildren. He spent his final years in South Africa and died in 1973 aged 83.

Stephen Leonard Williams Younger brother of Austin H. Williams above. He was also a pupil at Felsted School between 1901 and 1903.

Enlisted in the Royal Army Service Corps in 1914 as Private soldier MS/152. By the end of the war he had been promoted to the rank of Captain.

He is possibly listed on the Felsted Honour Roll as Williams L.


George Forbes Williams Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at The Gore.

The 1920 electoral register includes George Forbes Williams resident the Gore, Rayne, also resident Elizabeth Ann Williams.

L. Williams Appears on Felsted Roll of Honour. See entry for Stephen Leonard Williams above.
Frank Willis Private Soldier 25119, Suffolk Regiment

Address at Enlistment: Ladysmith Cottages, Chelmsford Road, Felstead
Attestation at Braintree: 11/12/1915
Born 1885
Age at Attestation: 29 years 11 months
Height: 5' 1½"
Weight: 124 lbs
Chest Measurement: 35"
Eyesight: 6/6 both eyes.
Occupation: Agricultural Labourer
Marital Status: Single.

01/03/1916: Posted to 10th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
19/07/1916: Embarked for France
29/07/1916: Joined Battalion at Front
28/04/1917: Reported Missing
Captured at Sloppy Wood, (spelling unclear could be "Hoppy Wood")
Prisoner of War until 12/12/1918
12/12/1918: Repatriated and posted to depot camp at Ripon
13/12/1918: Departed Ripon
15/02/1919: Posted to Felixstowe.
17/05/1919: posted to Brewerton, attached to 2nd Battalion Leicestershire Regiment whilst attending Agriculture Course of Instruction between 18/05/1919 - 03/10/1919.
28/07/1919: Posted to "C" Company, 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment.
28/08/1919: Demobilized at Purfleet.

George Willis In 1911 the Willis family were resident at Newhouse Farm, Causeway End, Felstead:
George Willis, age 28, occupation: Brickmaker, born Felstead.
Ethel May Willis, age 27, born Felstead.
Lily Bessie Willis, age 5, born Felstead.
Grace Edith Willis, age 5, born Felstead.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Newhouse Farm.

The Willis family continued to grow and a son Frank died during World War 2.

Victor Frank Witney

Victor Frank Witney was born in Felstead during the first quarter of 1898. He was the second son of Edward and Charlotte Witney.

The 1901 census records the family living at the Horse Shoes public house (more fully the Three Horseshoes, Bannister Green):

Edward Witney, aged 39, born Fairstead, Occupation Licensed Victualler and Farmer
Charlotte Witney, aged 37, born Black Notley
Edward Witney, aged 5, born Felstead
Victor Witney, aged 3, born Felstead
Elsie Witney, aged 1, born Felstead
Emma Young, aged 17, born Felstead, Domestic

By the outbreak of war the 16 year old Victor was apprenticed to Grocer, Charles Digby, of Byfleet, Surrey. Charles Digby was originally a Felstead man and the son of another local landlord.

When Victor reached aged 18 he enlisted as Private Soldier 2836 with the 3rd/1st West Kent Yeomanry

His medical record shows:
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 9 stones
Chest size: 36”
Eyesight: 6/6
Character: Good

His military record shows:
Attested: 10/12/1915
To Reserve: 11/12/1915
Mobilized: 12/09/1916
Joined West Kent (Queen’s Own) Yeomanry 13/09/1916

Transferred to 3rd/4th Royal West Kent Regiment, as Private soldier 204612: 05/04/1917

Reported to 52 Field Ambulance: 26/10/1917
Moved to 63 Casualty Clearing Station: 27/10/1917
Moved to 18 General Hospital: 02/11/1917
Moved to 40 Infantry Base Depot: 07/11/1917
Re-admitted to General Hospital: 23/11/1917
Invalided to UK: 26/11/1917
Admitted to War Hospital Croydon until 15/02/18 suffering from Trench Fever.

Trench Fever was a disease which was classically a five-day fever of the relapsing type. The onset of symptoms was usually sudden with high fever, severe headache, pain on moving the eyeballs, soreness of the muscles of the legs and back, and frequently hyper aesthesia of the shins. The initial fever was usually followed in a few days by a single, short rise but there may be many relapses between periods without fever. The most constant symptom was pain in the legs. Recovery could take a month or more. It was later discovered that the disease was caused by the excretions from lice

Furlough in Felstead: 16/02/1918 – 25/02/1918

Returned to France: 05/10/1918

Transferred to Labour Corps AE Company, as Private Soldier 657790:  31/10/1918

Demobilized to Reserve: 14/11/1919

Joseph Wood In 1911 the census records the Wood family:
Joseph Wood, age 32, occupation: Carpenter at Felsted School. Born: Gt Waltham.
Alice Wood, age 29, born Felsted.
Joseph Leslie Wood, age 7, born Felsted.
Stanley Arthur Wood, age 2, born Felsted.

Joseph appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Garnetts Cottage.

Robert Praed Wood In 1911 the Wood family were resident at Littley Park, Hartford End:
Henry Thomas Wood, age 45, occupation: Farmer, born Terling, Essex.
Emily Mary B. Wood (née Payne), age 47, born: Brettlesham, Suffolk.
Robert Praed Wood, age 14, born: Gt Waltham.
Douglas Payne Wood, age 12, born: Gt Waltham.
Mary Elizabeth Wood, age 11, born Gt Waltham.
Barbara Emily Wood, age 9, born Gt Waltham.
John Mackworth Wood, age 6, born Gt Waltham.
Gertrude F Thompson, age 29, occupation: Governess, born Buriston, Hampshire.
Mahala King, age 21, occupation: Servant, born: Gt. Waldingfield, Suffolk.

Robert appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Littley Park, Hartford End.

Leonard Hugh Woodley

Len Woodley circa 1914

Belgian Croix de Guerre

Lance Corporal 12225 – Essex Regiment
Acting Company Sergeant Major 45625 – 57th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps

Address at Attestation: Duck End Farm, Lindsell
Age at Attestation: 19 years 53 days.
Height: 5' 9¼"
Weight: 141 lbs
Chest size: 35"
Eyesight 6/6
Eye colour: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Occupation: Chauffer
Next of Kin: Christopher Woodley, Father.

Attested to Essex Regt: 31/08/1914
Posted to 9th Battalion, Essex Regt.: 02/09/1914
Appointed Lance Corporal: 17/04/1915
Overseas Service with British Expeditionary Force (France): 30/05/1915
Severe Gun Shot Wound to leg 17/06/1915 at Ploegstreet Wood whilst with B Company, 9th Battalion, the Essex Regiment.
Depot Posting (Sent to Eastbourne hospital): 18/06/15
Posted to 3rd Battalion, Essex Regiment: 09/10/1915
Machine Gun Training and Transferred to Machine Gun Corps: 28/07/1916
Appointed Acting Corporal: 21/10/1916
Appointed Acting Sergeant: 28/11/1916
Posted to B.E.F. (France): 16/02/1917
Hospital with Mumps: 11/01/1917 – 26/01/1917
Promoted to Corporal and to retain the rank of Acting Sergeant: 27/01/1917
Promoted to Sergeant: 16/02/1917
Machine Gun Course: 27/07/1917
Rejoined Company: 25/08/1917
Transferred to 173 Company Machine Gun Corps. British Expeditionary Force (France) 16/02/1917
Leave to UK: 18/11/1917 – 02/12/1917
Rejoined Company in the Field 05/12/1917
Rejoined Battalion: 30/10/18
Appointed Acting Company Quarter Master Sergeant: 21/12/1918
Appointed: Colour Sergeant: 21/12/1918
Appointed Warrant Officer 2nd Class: 15/02/1919
Embarked Dunkirk: 05/06/1919
Disembarked Southampton: 06/06/1919
Demobilized: 15/06/1919
London Gazette announced the award of a Belgium Croix de Guerre: 9th July 1918.
21/11/1919: Belgian Croix de Guerre sent to Chelmsford Road, Felstead.
Other Medals:
1914/15 Star
British war Medal
Victory Medal

Len Woodley went on to open a Garage in the middle of Felsted, providing fuel, servicing, taxis and coach hire.

During world War 2 Len served with the Fire Service based in Braintree. He is seen at the left of the picture with his father Christopher, in the centre and son Lawrie at the right

Frederick Stanley Wren In 1901 the Wren family were resident in Great Waltham:
David Wren - 44 - born Gt. Waltham - Agricultural Labourer
Emily Wren - 32 - born Braintree (Full name: Eliza Emily Wren née Cable)
George - 14 - born Fairstead
Lydia - 13 - born Fairstead
Eliza - 11 - born Fairstead
John - 9 - born Great Waltham
Walter - 7 - born Little Dunmow (Walter Wren was killed in the war)
Mary - 5 - born Little Dunmow
Frederick - 2 - born Great Waltham

In 1911 the Wren family were resident in Mole Hill Green, Felstead:
David Wren, age 58, occupation: Farm Labourer, born: Gt Waltham.
Emily Wren, age 43, born Braintree. (David and Emily had 10 children, but in 1911 only five were at home).
John Wren, age 19, occupation: Farm Labourer. born Gt Waltham.
Frederick Wren, age 12, born: Gt Waltham.
Charles Wren, age 9, born: Cressing.
Percy Wren, age 4, born Gt Waltham.
Agnes Wren, age 8, born Cressing.

Frederick appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Hatleys Farm.

Alfred John Wright Alfred John Wright was born in the first quarter of 1883, in the Dunmow registration district.
He married Emma Willis in the final quarter of 1904.

In 1911 the Wright family were living at Leighs Lane, Hartford End, Felstead:
Alfred John Wright, age 28, occupation: Gardener, Domestic. Born: Felstead.
Emma Wright, age 36, born: Felstead.
William Wright, age 5, born: Felstead.
John Alfred Wright, age 60, (Father of Alfred), occupation: Carpenter, born: Ongar.

Appears on the absent voters list for 1918 as normally resident at Appletree Cottage, Hartford End.

W. Wright Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour
W. Wright appears on the Ford End Church, Roll of Duty as Private, Essex Regiment
Guy Jeffreys Hornsby-Wright D.S.O.

G.J. Hornsby-Wright 1923
G.J. Hornsby-Wright 1923
Courtesy Felsted School

Distinguished Service Order
Distinguished Service Order

Born: 1872, in Dover, Kent.

Appears on Felstead Roll of Honour as Capt. G.J. Wright Hornsby (sic)

London Gazette Entries:
30th October 1914 Guy Jeffreys Hornsby-Wright (late Captain, Felsted School Contingent, Junior Division, Officers Training Corps) to be Captain, for service with that contingent. Dated 12th October, 1914.
15th June 1915 5th Battalion, The Essex Regiment; Captain Guy Jeffreys Hornsby-Wright, from the Felsted School Contingent, Junior Division, Officer Training Corps, to be Major (temporary). Dated 16th June, 1915.
12th August 1915 5th Battalion, The Essex Regiment; the appointment of Major Guy J. Hornsby-Wright, bears date 28th May, 1915, and not as stated in the London Gazette of 15th June 1915.
16th May 1916 Essex Regt.  Maj. G.J. Hornsby-Wright to be temp. Lt-Col. 17 May 1916.
18th August 1917 Essex Regt. - Maj. (temp.) (temp. Lt.-Col.) G. J. Hornsby-Wright to be Maj. (temp. Lt-Col.), with precedence as from 28th May 1915. 19th Aug. 1917.
Lt.-Col. G. J. Hornsby-Wright, from Essex Regt., to be Lt.-Col. 1st May 1918.
25th June 1918 Lt.-Col. G. J. Hornsby-Wright, from T.F. Res. (Essex Regt.), temporarily to command a Bn. 6th May 1918.
Infantry. - Lt.-Col. H. (sic) J. Hornsby-Wright, from the 15th Bn., Essex Regt., to be Lt.-Col. 14th Apr. 1919
LT.-Col. Guy Jeffreys Hornsby-Wright, 15th Bn., Essex R., T.F.
14th July 1919 MEMORANDA
The undermentioned to be Education Officers:-
Lt.-Col. G.J. Hornsby-Wright, T.F. Res, Essex R. 20th Dec.1918.

Short Service Record
HORNSBY-WRIGHT, Lieut.-Col. G. J., D.S.O.
Capt. O.T.C. Contingent Oct. 1901 — Dec. 1911.
 Maj. 2/5th Bn. Essex Regt. (T.F.) 25/5/15.
 Temp Lieut.-Col. 24/5/16. (Substantive) 1/6/16.
Commanding 28/5/15 — 2/5/18.
Home Services List 24/2/17.
C.O. 15th Bn. Essex Regt. (T.F.) 6/5/18 — 13/4/19 in France.
Took part in advance of 59th Div., 5th Army, from St. Venant to Lille and the Scheldt.
O.C. Demobilisation Camp, Dieppe and Leave Camp, Calais, Jan. — Apr. 1919.
Disembodied 14/4/19.
D.S.O. 3/6/19.

Michael Craze in his History of Felsted School records that by July 1915 Hornsby-Wright had gone to the war, and returned in 1919.

After the war Lt.-Col. Hornsby-Wright returned to be a master at Felsted School, but also took on the role of Parish Council Chairman, and was instrumental in establishing an auxiliary fire service for Felsted during 1924.

Died: 4th October 1941 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, aged 69.

Lt-Col. Hornsby-Wright's medals were auctioned in 1994 for £1350 and again in 1996 for £680.

Cyril George Yuill

Cyril George Yuill was born in Felstead in the second quarter of 1898

In 1901 the Yuill family were resident at the Rayne Board School:

John Yuill, aged 73, born: Scotland, Occupation: Retired Engineer
Elizabeth Yuill, aged 69, born: Scotland
JohnYuill, aged 43, born: USA, British Subject. Occupation: School Master.
Charlotte Yuill, aged 44, born: Brighton, Sussex. Occupation: School Mistress.
Annie Yuill, aged 17, born: Middx Tottenham. Occupation: Pupil Teacher
John Yuill, aged 14, born: Felstead.
Ethel Yuill, aged 11, born: Felstead.
Cyril Yuill, aged 2, born: Felstead.

Cyril served as Private 9648 with the Honourable Artillery Company

He appears on the 1918 absent voters list as normally resident at Rayne School

He married Dorothy Cawthorne in Surrey during the last quarter of 1943.