Roll of Honour

They Also Served

The deaths in 2009 of the last veterans of World War One showed the importance of remembering not just the supreme sacrifice made by those who died but the impact of the war on those who survived.

These pages are intended to pay tribute to those who also served. The links below have been devised to try and make navigating the information easier. This is very much a work in progress and may never be complete:

World War 1914 - 1918

Felsted A - G Felsted H - O Felsted P - Z Little Dunmow
A Felstead Roll of Honour was produced and contains one hundred and two names of all those who volunteered in 1914. It does not list all those who were later conscripted. I am adding to the list those on the Absent Voters List for 1918.

The information I have included here is therefore partial and based on the Roll of Honour, newspaper articles and services records that survived the blitz.

Names of all those who served were included on the painted memorial in the Church with two exceptions listed here.

World War 1939 - 1945

Felsted A - G Felsted H - O Felsted P - Z Little Dunmow

Presentation ScrollAfter the war Felsted Parish Council issued a scroll of thanks to all the returning soldiers.

A copy of the list used to create the scrolls has yet to be found so what appears must be considered partial

We can however start to compile names from the Service Voters List of 1945 and the Service Voters List of 1946 although this too will be partial as it will only include those still in service after March 1945 and those over 21 who were able to register.

At present I do not know whether a comprehensive list exists and am reliant on information that arises, such as the service voters lists.