Roll of Honour

Felstead Roll of Honour


Rescued from a Bonfire by Barry Atkinson, the Chairman of Felsted Branch, Royal British Legion this picture was issued originally by Holdich and Gladwin Tailors, a Felstead business. It records one hundred and two names of those who responded to Kitchener's call for volunteers, or who were already serving with the army.
A '+' has been added to the names at the foot of the page to indicate the 25 who made the ultimate sacrifice

Felsted Honour Roll showing all those volunteers who responded to Lord Kitchener's call.

of men who nobly responded to the call of their King and Country for the Great European War, 1914

Armistead, Lt. W.K. Chalk, J. + Holmes, A. Livermore, W. + Radley, F.J. Smith, Ernest + Watts, Lieut. H.L. +
Ardley, R.F. Collingridge, E.E. Holmes, Arthur + Livermore, H. Radley, F.W. Smith, P.J. + Wachter, H.
Ardley, W. Cloughton, F. Howard, F. Landrum, S.C. Radley, Jos. + Smith, W. + Weaver, H.
Attwood, G. Dowsett, H. Hance, G. + Mead, A. Radley, James Smith, A. Watkinson, O.
Baker, A. Doherty, T.O.G. Hance, E. + Mixture, C.W. Radley, P. Savill, F. Wade, W.
Baker, P. + Dodd, B. Haslen, Arthur + Marshall, J. + Reeve, F. + Savill, A. Williams, Lieut. A.
Barnard, G. + Fuller, H. Harris, H.J. Morris, R.L. Reeve, C. + Snalt, C.D. Williams, L.
Bullock, S. Gilder, G.B. Joyner, Lieut. C.B. Morrat, Lieut. F.F. + Reynolds, C. Shaw, O. Wright, W.
Bentall, G. Gibson, F. + Ketley, A.H. Polly, L. Reynolds, D. Swallow, C. Woodley, L.
Brown, W. Gilder, W. Ketley, F. Packer, W. Fairfax-Ross, Lieut. T. Steward, A.S. + Wren, W. +
Bircher, A. Giblin, W. Ketley, H. Pickering, J. Ridgewell, A. Stringer, P.A.S. Wilks, A.
Brock, C. + Harvey, L.P. King, A.M. Peagram, F. Richardson, J. Turner, F. Wright, Hornsby, Capt. G.J.
Champness, B. Hatley, E. Lanham, J. Perryman, W. Suckling, William Taylor, A.  
Clift, A.V. + Hatley, C. Lanham, George + Puddicombe, Nurse Sheldrake, D. Taylor, F.  
Cox, G. Henderson, Lieut. S. Ling, E. Radley, S. + Smallpiece, Lieut. C. Tyrell, J. +  

Issued by HOLDICH & GLADWIN, Tailors and Outfitters