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Felsted Home Guard

At the outbreak of war the Felsted Local Defence Volunteers LDV were commanded by Major Armistead. Major Armistead was veteran of the Great War and the commander of the Felsted School OTC.

With Felsted School becoming a major centre for the Army it appears the village became a centre for Home Guard training. The Essex Chronicle of 25th July 1941 reported:
"HOME GUARD AT FELSTED.  On Saturday contingents of the Home Gaurd paraded at Felsted, where they underwent examination in drill, Army and military duties. The judges were Army officers and their placings were: 1, Bardfield; 2, Easton; 3, Waltham; 4, Braintree."

As the war progressed the LDV became the Home Guard and Felsted came under the control of the 11th Essex Battalion Home Guard and the Felstead Company (number 288) was Braintree No 2 Platoon commanded by Lieut. F.L. Barnard of Sunnybrook, Felsted, assisted by Sergeant V.H. Stevens of Rutlands, Willows Green. The Platoon had two sections one based in Felsted and a second in Rayne.

By 1944 “B” Company were being commanded by Major F.L Barnard who had a second in command Captain W.H. Harvey.

Extracts from the book “Warmen Courageous” A History of the Home Guard in Essex.