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More Wartime Memories

Hit by an Army Truck at Watch House Green

Writing for the parish magazine in January 2011 about the Felsted Primary School log books John Drury recorded:

"During the summer of 1940 when the Battle of Britain raged many children were not sent to school as the Primary School did not have any air raid shelters.  These were eventually built a year later.  The Log Books record that in February 1942 an army lorry knocked down the school railings and a month later an army lorry knocked down William Cranfield."

Not more than a few weeks after publication Bill Cranfield, who was just six when the accident happened, contacted the parish magazine from his home in New Zealand to say:

“My accident at the school was a result of running out after a friend from behind the school bus straight into the path of an army truck and I remember coming round lying on the long seat which used to be at the rear of the double-decker buses.  My gasmask used to be kept in a round tin and received a large dent in the accident.”