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Hubert K. Webb

Hubert Webb

Hubert Kitchener Webb served as a Serjeant with the Royal Engineers. He was the son of Ernest and Ada Webb of Little Dunmow, and the husband of Jane Allan Webb (known as Jean) of Hillside Road, Felsted, which was actually in the parish of Little Dunmow.

Being born on 6th July 1916, at the round house, Throws Corner, Little Dunmow, he was given his distinctive second name in honour of Lord Kitchener who at the time could been seen on posters everywhere declaring "Your country needs you" and who had died in June 1916 when the cruiser HMS Hampshire sank off the Orkneys during a diplomatic trip to Russia.

The family moved to Felsted when Hubert was young and his parents lived at Watch House Villas.

Hubert joined the army in 1939 and went with the Royal Engineers contingent of the B.E.F. to France. He was evacuated from France. In the final quarter of 1939 Hubert married Jane Allen Lindsay in the Dunmow Registration District. Jane's father was Sandy Lindsay who was employed at the British Sugar Corporation factory in Felsted, and lived at 12 Hillside Road, which was a street of tied houses and bungalows on the factory grounds. Jane continued to live with here father during the war. Jane gave birth to their first child, a son Malcolm Webb on 8th May 1943.

Hubert was posted to Stranraer in Scotland.

Hubert died aged 29, on 21st November 1945 of tuberculosis whilst serving in Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland.

On 19th April 1946, Jane gave birth to two twin girls, Rosemary Jean Webb and Margaret Joan Webb.

Hubert is remembered on the memorials of Felsted and Little Dunmow. He is buried in the churchyard at Little Dunmow. Jane later moved to live opposite the Church in St Mary's place Little Dunmow, near to Hubert's sister, her husband and Hubert's brother Jack. Hubert's widow remained in Little Dunmow until her death in the 1980's.


War Grave at Little Dunmow